Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Oh Friggin, please report to lost and found...."

Today we had a good friend and her daughter over for a playdate, and we were discussing our children using our first names. My friend told me a story about how she had been at Target and found a little girl standing in the middle of the aisle, obviously lost. When she brought her to the service desk, the little girl became a little upset and said she wanted her mommy. When they asked her what her mommy's name was, she responded, "Mommy."

Just last night Landon heard me call Noland by his name, and had repeated it. He's called me by my name in the past, although it comes out more like "Prissy." And he can tell you his first and last name. So I thought we were doing ok.

I picked him up and said, "Landon, what is Dadad'n's name?" (Landon has always called him Dadad'n.)

He quickly responded, "Noand," which is close enough.

"And what is my name?"

"My mom."

My friend asked him at this point, "What is mommy's other name?"

He didn't answer, so I asked him, "What does Dadad'n call My Mom?"

This answer came quickly. "Oh friggin!"

Awesome. So if you ever hear, "Oh Friggin, please report to lost and found..." just assume that Landon is lost. And that Noland is in trouble.

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  1. OMG, Krissy you have GOT to write a book.